Developmental Improvements

Through care, knowledge and experience, our team of certified specialists, customizes a therapeutic plan for each child to meet their needs and incorporate the priorities of their family. Providing services such as Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech and Behavioral services applying ABA principles. Developmental Improvements is committed to one goal; That is to help children enhance their quality of life, function and create a level of independence.

Providing ABA, OT, PT, Social group skills and Speech Therapy in homes, schools and community settings.

Accepting a variety of funding sources including major health care providers.

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Submit Request for Therapy:

Basic demographic and medical information is collected.

A DI Corp. team member will connect with you via email:

Our team will respond within 2 business days to provide a status update on your Therapy request.

The Authorization Process Begins:

DI Corp’s clinical team will work to secure an initial assessment authorization for therapy through the funding source provided.

Your first visit with a team clinician begins:

A specialist will work with you and your loved one to conduct an assessment to address behaviors of concern and collaborate with you to create a behavior intervention plan for on-going ABA Therapy or any other service upon request.

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